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    Anyone been effected by Panda?

    wordperfect Scout

      A few years back now my web site enjoyed a Google rank of 4.

      Then, suddenly it fell of the radar, for a long time I thought it was something I had or hadn't done that led to its fall.

      Then I read that Mr G had reorganised the way sites were ranked and my situation wasn't unusual.

      For a couple of years after it languished at 1.

      A few weeks ago, maybe more I noticed a sudden surge in interest in my site from Analytics, nothing startling but certainly an increase.

      I also found my ranking had doubled, whoohoo, now a 2!

      Today I read that Mr G has set the Panda lose and again the game has been reset.

      So, any one notice any change to THEIR site, winners, losers?




        • Anyone been effected by Panda?
          KathleenF Scout

          Hey wordperfect,


          What do you mean they "reset"?  I'm curious what you mean.



            • Anyone been effected by Panda?
              wordperfect Scout

              Hi Kathleen, well it was a sort of tongue in cheek comment partly inspired by some in the SEO business who peddle their claims much like the travelling medicine man from the back of a covered wagon and partly inspired by the computer game culture.

              When game is over resetting brings you back for another try.

                • Anyone been effected by Panda?
                  KathleenF Scout

                  Hi Wordperfect,


                  I understand what the word reset in general means but how does this apply to Google?  Is this in their policies?  What causes the "reset" to happen?



                    • Anyone been effected by Panda?
                      wordperfect Scout

                      Hi Kathleen, maybe I am being too abstruse .

                      As I said above, my comment was tongue in cheek, a little sarcastic maybe, meaning that SEO is a game.

                      Reset was used in that context and has NOTHING to do with Mr G policies.


                      Or did you mean [very unlikely] that you want to know what Google's changes are?

                      I took the article from a web site, i would attach the link here but I know it will be deleted by the sensors.

                      As i said in a reply to another post, that was sensored, maybe you can Google for it, I am sure it is all over the web,Google only have to sneeze and the world buys tissues.


                      Anyway, this seems to be denegrating into a private discussion twixt theee and me, so lets end it here.

                      Also, I read your reply re Luckiest's short oneliner, still do not agree but it is well off topic and I don't think it is polite to hijack the OP topic so maybe we have to agree to disagree on that.


                      Lastly, it has been a while and i belong to several global forums, but didn't we used to have a sort of classified section, for posting blatant self worshiping and promoting posts?