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    Critical opinions requested of eshop

    xexorz Newbie

      Hello all - I'm new to this forum and just signed up in hopes of getting some feedback from you.


      About a year and a half ago I started building a website for my wife to sell Tea online so she could work from home and we could move across the country.  I planned on having things running by now but as usual, things never seem to come out on the schedule you put together.


      Anyhow, we've sourced high quality product, taken tons of product photos, designed logos and labels etc and have a bunch of inventory.


      We did some huge link building campaigns and rank "ok" for keywords we are interested in.


      We get a very low volume of people through the store every day which is an issue, but even more concerning is our conversion rate - We get quite a bit less than one percent to buy and I'm not sure why.


      This is where I'd like to get some feedback since I have no idea why people bounce off the site like a ball instead of sticking around.


      Even people who seem to check every page just go away - again, not sure why.


      I've moved to a newer server which has dramatically improved speed.  I've also optimized the heck out of the site to make it much faster which (as far as I am concerned) is now up to snuff - (but please let me know if you disagree!)

      If you have time and care to, please take a look - I'd greatly appreciate your opinions and suggestions if you are willing to share.


      Where are we going wrong?


      Thank you and best wishes,




        • Critical opinions requested of eshop
          BBruin Wayfarer

          Sometimes these things just take time.  You're page looks smooth and check out seems easy.  If I cared to ever drink tea like that it seems like a good place to go.  Ever consider writting a small blog about how awesome tea is/you teas are, or the history of tea, top 5 health benefits... I know most people that drink tea already may know those things, but people love to read about what they already know for x,y,z reason especially if they think there is some more information they don't know.  Along with that you might try to promote your website around actual tea/health/relaxation forums.  It's all about driving traffic to your site, and it's all a number game in the end. 


          Also, something lacking from your site right away, why is your tea different from everything else?  It may not be, but it should be.  One of my favorite scenes from the TV series Mad Men is when Don Draper is creating a new slogan for a tobacco company and comes up with the slogan that was something like, "Smoke Lucky Strike Cigarettes: They're Toasted!"  Well all cigarettes are toasted, but no one else was saying what was obvious and that was one of those wholesome terms that anyone can feel good about.  Tea has to have more wholesome attributes than cigarettes!  Get creative and good luck George, I hope you can use any of this.

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          • Critical opinions requested of eshop
            DesignSail Adventurer

            Hi George how are you today? Just like BBruin said it does take time to build a campaign and see the results you want from it. A blog is a good idea to take your current traffic and turn it into more as well as build more links and keep your website updated... the more related pages and information around your topic will help you get higher while building back links.


            I took a look at your website as well and would suggest updating your onpage SEO and upgrading your design to be more user friendly, interactive and clear with an action that you want to do and that is to buy!


            I hope this helps... if you need any help my contact information is in my profile.

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              smallbus01 Adventurer

              I know what you mean. It seems that you already have good traffic coming in to your website so only converting them is your problem.  Always have a great article on your website. Explain the benefits of your tea and why it is better than others. Make it more appealing for consumers. Remember good content is the main recipe for conversions. GOOD LUCK!!

              • Re: Critical opinions requested of eshop
                vinod1978 Adventurer



                There are lots of reasons why people may not be purchasing your product. It seems that right now you are not concerned so much about getting customers to your website, but converting the customers that do come to buyers. The first thing that sticks out for me is your look and feel. Pretend you are a customer, and you have a ton of sites where you can purchase tea. Look at, and now compare that to your site. Which one would you trust more? For many people the internet is still a scary space, which is why there are reviews, and opinions on just about every popular ecommerce site on the web.


                Building a website is more than just getting it to work properly, and it looks like you have done an incredible job on optimizing the speed of your website, but if your website is not engaging enough to the customer, or worse if they don't trust you then customers will look but not purchase. You have done some things right - such as predominately displaying your telephone number to your customers, you have put in a search tool so customers can quickly find what they are looking for -  but the look and feel isn't something that customers will trust and that is a potential hurdle for any new online business. Websites that have longevity and a loyal following can get around this - but new websites really can't.


                My suggestion to you is to either redesign the look & feel yourself, and hire a professional to tidy it up. It looks like you embed a 3rd party when it comes time for the actual viewing of the catalog and shopping cart. Perhaps you can build of their existing design. The next step I'd do is setup an account on Yelp (it's free), so the customers that are purchasing from your website will place a few reviews on your company. That will also help customers trust you more - which in my mind is what is preventing customers from purchasing your product.


                Good Luck!


                Vinod Tonangi