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    How To Build A Business Website

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      As you work on your home business and on making your business the  best that it can be, the idea of having a website is probably something  you have come to realize is very important. Even if your  business is local, a website is still something that most people have  come to rely on and if you do not have one you run the risk of falling  behind others when it comes to your business and to your customers. 90% of your customers are looking for you on the internet in today's market. This  means that you have to take the bull by the horns and build yourself a website.




      Websites are going to be the basis of your company. This means that you have to take  charge and you have to make sure you have a good website. This probably  means that you want to at least think about hiring someone to build  your website. Hiring someone is going to take money and it is going to  take time. However, if you want to have the best website possible and if  you want to attract the most customers to your website, you have to  have one that is spectacular. There are a lot of neat things that can be  done with websites today and so you have to be sure that you are having  a good one. If you do not have any website knowledge, you have to hire  someone. Using the template models that are offered at various web hosting companies just won't do your business any favors. They look like templates, they can be difficult to edit and are usually very limited as to features that are available.


      Things To Think About


      As you hire someone to do your website, there are several things that  you have to think about so that you know your website is going to meet  your needs. First of all, you have to remember that while these people  do this for a living, it is still your business. This means that you  have to hire someone who is willing to take your ideas into  consideration when designing your website and who is willing to help you  create a website that is going to get you the most business.


      You also have to remember that websites are not going to be  permanent. As times change, you have to be able to change your website,  whether it is to reflect a change in prices or items or anything else.  This means that either your web site creator has to teach you how to  update the site or there has to be something in the contract that says  that they will update the site when you need it to be updated. Either  one of these has to happen, because you have to be able to change your information as the need arises. A good working relationship is going to be very  important when it comes to your web site.


      Fancy gagets aren't necessary to have a great website either. Make sure you are working with someone who isn't trying to sell you extra bells and whistles to add to the website which aren't really needed. Audio, Video, Slideshows, Flash Animation are just examples of extras that cost extra as well. Do you really need them? Maybe you do. However make sure you are working with someone who can explain the benefits of each and really listen to what you need and want. A good designer will tell you if they feel a design element would be too much or not fit in well with the business image you're trying to build.

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          Hi sjgraphics, I am pretty much impressed by your efforts regarding your contribution in the forum. You are throwing away some useful and informative posts. one more good post.

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            Nice information. Bookmarked for future reference. This will help anyone who is interested in starting a website.

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              390Main Wayfarer

              Good information, sjgraphics.


              I’d also add that your website has to be more than a static brochure. Visitors are looking to fill a void or solve a specific problem.


              The experts at Marketing Experiments say that a homepage must answer three critical questions for a visitor:

              •     Where am I?
              •     What can I do here?
              •     Why should I do it?


              Satisfied that you can help, the next question is “How can I move forward?”


              It’s very much like the customer who walks into a store. You welcome them, ask how you can help, then direct them to the right department.


              In addition, you want to start a conversation and begin to establish your expertise. Ideally, you want to get the prospect to take some kind of immediate action. Maybe you invite them to download a free report or subscribe to your email newsletter.


              Simply, your website has to be very interactive.