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    No one is buying from my online store

    Shoppe Newbie

      I started my jewelry and clothing online store since september of 2010 but no one is buying, can someone tell me why? I also would like to start my own clothing line but have no idea where to get factory to make my clothing at a reasonable price.

        • No one is buying from my online store

          Whats your website URL and how and where are you marketing your website?

            • No one is buying from my online store
              Shoppe Newbie

              my website URL is and I advertise with goodle adword for one month, then I cancel because I was not getting any sale and could not afford to pay for the website and advertising when I was not making any money. Thanks for inquiring.

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                  wordperfect Scout

                  Hello, welcome to the community.

                  I know it is both heartbreaking and frustrating when a web site just sits and no one buys from it.


                  There are many, many reasons, maybe I can cover just a few here.

                  First, despite what people [usually trying to sell you something] say on THEIR web sites, becoming rich isn't just a matter of sticking up an E-shop.

                  Think of it as a REAL store, stuck in some dingy, poorly lit little back street in some small out of the way village.

                  Would you shop there?

                  That is the reality, the Internet is HUGE and so you need to be in a prime space, just as in real life else no one will bother to come calling.


                  I am not being unkind, just trying to explain you need more than a web shop and Google.

                  We will look at that in a moment, now lets quickly look at your site.

                  Again, I may be a bit blunt, but bear with me.


                  Ok, well, it is OK, just another very similar looking site to tens of millions out there.

                  You are in a "creative or imaginative" business, people want jewellery for a variety of reasons, but mostly to decorate, so your site needs to be crisp, arty, reflecting the product and appealing to the mind set potential customers are in.

                  Yours might as well be selling tin peas........................


                  Another thing, OK, maybe I am picky, but tens of millions of people are like me, when I read it, my eyes were drawn to your grammar errors.

                  Ok, I am not saying only Harvard or Oxford educated people should run a web shop, BUT, the way you write your copy includes spelling and grammar, it will maybe take you and your product down in peoples eyes.

                  Check it, check it again, go to bed, check it again in the morning then get someone else to check it!

                  As I said in the beginning, you need to show your shop is in a PRIME space, not in the back of beyond.


                  I looked at your products page, or tried.

                  Usually I wait just 40 to 60 seconds for a page to load, if not, I click on.

                  I started loading yours BEFORE i began to write this, I don't type fast, and I am still waiting.

                  All I can see is half a picture of product #CA1108!

                  So, question.

                  What size are your pictures, you have a truck load of images there, are they taking too long to load?

                  Sure, I know, maybe it opens fine for you and others, but unless you are restricting your efforts just a lucky few, you need to think about why people ALL OVER THE WORLD CAN'T GET IN.

                  Hey, if you were a REAL shop and the door was locked every time I called........................




                  Now, scroll down to the bottom of that page..... see the text at the bottom?

                  This is your mark up code, it shouldn't be visible to the viewing public, you need to tighten up your web design skills or kick the designer where it hurts!

                  All these problems add up to a negative impression, think people don't notice?

                  How many sales have you made again?

                  They do notice!

                  You are asking me to trust you enough to send money to you, a guy I don't know, and this is your best effort?

                  Come on!


                  Ok, some kinder stuff.

                  Any biz, on line or brick and mortar needs  promotion, marketing, not just Google adwords, if you are in the middle of a black forest, [not cake!] Google adwords are of minimum help.

                  Get out into the community to begin with, get some fliers, brochures, small cards, do mail drops, stick on shop windows, letter boxes, get some media releases going, both hard copy and on line, what ever you can think of, it is going to be more cost effective than ad words at this stage.


                  This isn't like fishing where you dangle your end in the water hoping for a bite, it takes work, real work, it is damned exhausting but you've got to get out there.

                  Network, get out, mix with people.

                  Think big, start small, grow it from a seed, don't try to transplant a ruddy great redwood!

                  And, I am surprised Lucky hasn't been here, join or talk to SCORE or find LUCKIEST here and chat wiht him.

                  There is also another member who has a gret website, I think his handle is Solo Guide, there is also IWrite, both intelligent guys with good ideas.


                  Be a bit realistic, jewellery is a "Luxury" good, these are hard times, OK, you have balls [can I say that] in starting such a biz in a down turn, but you know, many, many people, esp in  your country are thinking how they can pay the rent, buy food and clothe the kids, your product isn't high on their list.

                  So you have to market smarter, as I said, open up your thinking, target your market.


                  Lastly maybe a bit hard again, yeah, I admire your guts and style, but not everyone is good at biz, and just because one is great at making jewellery or loves fashion or has a dream, it doesn't mean you are good at making a shop successful [I read your profile too!].

                  So maybe, just maybe being a small biz is NOT for you, it is a hard, sometimes lonely and exceedingly frustrating you are learning.

                  Have you thought of other ways, maybe join forces with someone who already has a site that is earning, you do what you are good at and love, let she or he do the marketing?



                  If you are dead set on having a shop on line, then what about one of the hosted packages, OK, shooting from  my mouth here as I am not in the USA so can't offer concrete advice, uhhh, is there still something called E-bay!

                  Ok, not your style I know, but there are others that might provide you with a niche shop front at a more realistic price and who already have good traffic.

                  And again, think outside the square, your host doesn't have to be domiciled in the US, does it!

                  Google for them!

                  Why re-invent the wheel, use what exists until you can get your own "wheels."


                  Ok, in a nut shell, maybe you need to be a bit more realistic and hard, take a good look at your site from customers viewpoint and think of ways you can give biz a boost, start small and go from there.

                  Hey, even Bill Gates went bust at least once.

                  Good luck.






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              • No one is buying from my online store
                marketingdon Wayfarer

                Hi Brother


                Fist time add on craigslist. craigslist is clasifide add web site. Every day many visite your web site. I hope people will buy some thing 

                • No one is buying from my online store
                  amspcs Ranger

                  I have to basically agree with everything Wordperfect and others have mentioned in their posts.  I'd like to add

                  one more thing I noticed that deals with my area of business expertise.  I notice your only option for payment is Paypal.

                  Not that there is anything wrong with Paypal, but we have always been of the opinion that Paypal/Goodle should be

                  one of your payment options offered, but never the ONLY option offered. You need to make it as easy as possible for people

                  to buy from you, and the extra steps involved with paying with Paypal, not to mention the limitations, can be a serious obstacle.

                  Furthermore, Paypal immediately and strongly labels you as an unproven 'mom and popper'.  Would YOU buy from someone

                  who wasn't there yesterday and may or may not be there tomorrow to stand behind what they sell?  Many people think this way, and as a result, many on the cusp of making a purchase choose instead to just walk away when they see Paypal as the only option.  If you want to be a business that is taken seriously, you need to project that image. That means you need a real merchant account in addition to (not necessariy instead of) Paypal. 

                  • No one is buying from my online store
                    390Main Wayfarer

                    My initial reaction from visiting your site is that I don't know what you sell or who you sell to. It's not clear. The "most sophisticated products to suit our cutomers unique taste" is too vague. What do you sell?


                    Who are your customers? Are your they men? Women? Children? Teens? Seniors? I need to know if I fit in.


                    You also need a menu of the products you sell on the home page.


                    The home page should tell me:

                    • what you sell
                    • who you sell to
                    • what makes you different than everybody else
                    • why I should buy from you (benefits)


                    Make some promises. Offer guarantees. Provide testimonials.


                    Your paragraph might say "We search the globe for the finest women's jewelry and apparel. Our exclusive products are____.No company is better at____than we are. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will ____."


                    You might look for a good freelance copywriter to help you out.


                    I agree with wordperfect that your site looks amateurish. You need a professional template that provides all the infrastructure, including payment processing, marketing, and shipping support. Look at Volusion, BigCommerce, Shopify, Amazon Webstore and Ebay Stores.


                    I agree with amsps that you should offer more payment options than PayPal. However, with all respect, I don't agree that PayPal makes you an "unproven mom and popper."


                    As far as designing and manufacturing your own clothing line, begin by selling your items, one at a time, at your own store. It's a good idea to test your product beyond friends and family. Prove to yourself that there is interest and demand for what you offer. You can probably find manufacturers with a Google search.


                    I hope this helps.




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                      jackysouer Wayfarer

                      I suggest you also check out IzzoNet , they have infrastructure for marketing, you can export feeds to 15 shopping engines and ebay and amazon and create social buzz round your store and even more stuff. In sense of marketing , I know the companies mentioned above but none of them have these marketing abilites, you have a free trial of everything so you can just try stuff out.

                      • No one is buying from my online store
                        shortlists Newbie

                        The two things that immeditedly spring to mind are, 1) Design and 2) SEO


                        Start with A Beginners guide to SEO on Seomoz - this will show you what you need to do to get ahead in rankings - essential for any online store!

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                          Andrea Bourghlandy Newbie

                          Why dont you try submitting your websites to online directories brother. It is one way to really boost sales if the same is undertaken in a good way..

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                            SME_ally Adventurer

                            how much traffic are you getting? and if you're using GA, have you set up goals? once you have analytics set up, you'll find lots of answers as to why you are not selling. if you are getting hordes of traffic and you're not selling then maybe it's time to redesign your site for a better user experience.  run promotions and do a/b testing of them and see which converts better. ecommerce is a great way to make money but it is not "set and forget". you'll have to spend the same amount, if not more, time as you would a physical store. good luck

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                              uwwandrew Newbie

                              There are a few things you need your site to do if you want to convert browsers to buyers.


                              1.  Provide your unique value propostion or unique story:  What need/desire do you fulfill or what pain point will you save your buyers from?

                              2.  Build Trust: Use organizational badges (bbb, verisign, etc.), and provide testimonials on each page NOT as a navigation link that no one will click

                              3.  Create some sense of urgency with a special sale, limited time offier



                              You can read more at this short read website building book


                              Hope that helps

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                                Moderator Jim Ranger

                                Great input from everyone so far!


                                I'm currently devouring the Beginners guide to SEO on Seomoz for my personal site.


                                It's a great help so far!



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                                  rob Wayfarer

                                  It takes awhile to build credibility and awareness for an ecommerce store.  You need to make sure your website looks professional and it is secure.  The next thing you need to do is make sure that your products are something that there is a demand for.  The most important thing is internet marketing.  It is worth your ROI to invest in internet marketing.  If these things are done properly you should see a great return.  Find a company that is knowledgable in email marketing, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization Indianapolis.  All of these things will get you noticed and keep you in front of your targeted audience.  If you can't hire a professional, there is a lot of information on the web on how to do this stuff yourself.  Good luck!

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                                      seoservicepro Ranger

                                      Rob and everyone have answered this person's question, so wondering why this thread is still marked as unanaswered. Anyway, most people don't know the steps to starting an online business. Hiring a consultant can go a long way toward getting you started the right way and avoiding some of the mistakes most people make.


                                      The average for hiring an SEO consultant is about $75 per hour. (that's what I charge ) If they can't give you a plan in under an hour, you've hired the wrong consultant. So at that price, how can you afford not to hire one?


                                      With someone helping you by giving you a step-by-step plan you increase your chances of success in any business, on or offline.

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                                      SAM PETERS Newbie

                                      What dear your site is not working. please check

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                                        betterbargainz Newbie

                                        Starting an online website where you can profit off of selling merchandise has a lot of variable in order to get the traffic required to make it profitable.  Our website Betterbargainz sells various kinds of merchandise so that we have a little bit of everything for customers.  Some of the big things is submitting your site to search engines under their shopping section, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), backlinks, affiliate programs and the list keeps going.  The biggest right now is social media, get a twitter, facebook and pinterest account and talk about your merchandise.  Also keep in mind that shoppers want a website that is easy to use buy also will give them pertinent information about the products.  Hope this helps.