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    How hard is it to get financing?


      My husband and I are barely pass the "daydream" stage of opening our own restaurant concept. I have been in the business for the better part of 20 years and in management for 4. I decided to go into management so that I could decide if I have what it takes to run a business. I am currently in the position of Assistant General Manager and being groomed as General Manager. I have really enjoyed myself and learned a lot.

      My biggest worry is where in the heck do we get money for this? How hard is it? I haven't even started a business plan, but this question makes me drag my feet a little.  I know what we spend at work to stay up and running, so I have some idea of the figures I need for the plan. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

        • How hard is it to get financing?
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          Welcome, As I have said many times in the past, the BEST suggestion is SCORE

          SCORE is America's premier source of FREE and confidential small business advice for entrepreneurs.

          SCORE offer advice online and in- person at one of our 364 offices nationwide.


          You really need a business plan and yes SCORE can help


          Good luck

            • How hard is it to get financing?

              Thank you! I did see that you suggest SCORE a lot. I really appreciate it as I had not previously known about that organization. I have already looked up their phone number and address.

              I'm curious about one more thing, though. I have many times asked small business owners how they secured financing, and they have all clammed up and suddenly changed the subject. It makes me feel like I have committed some big social faux pas! I don't ask anymore.