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    Anyone have experience with renting space and running food shop in malls, like Auntie Aunns for example

    REIUSA Wayfarer

      I'm playing around with some ideas I might try in a few years and was curious if anyone has any experience or advice on running a small eatery type place along the lines of Auntie Ann's pretzels, Cookie Co. or something along those lines, mainly deserts with some lunch items.


      Probably the type of place that would do good with walking traffic and shoppers, not so much a independant store like a McDonalds on a lot so I figured a mall or fair type setting would be the best.


      Not at first but eventually my goal would be for it to be managed by a manager I hire and not something I would want to live in long term after it is going and making money. I'm sure this isn't too hard assuming it is succesful since a lot of businesses have multiple locations and one person can't manage all the day to day stuff alone.


      Like I said I am in the planning and though process stage and not something I am doing next week. My main interest is how profitable can something like this in a popular mall be, also no royalties helps, there are probably three or four really good locations off the top of my head in my immediate area and there is nothing like what I am thinking about anywhere near where I live.


      Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.