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    Apple just announced the iPad 2.  It looks really cool. But, can it help my business?

    Barky Dog Tracker

      So, I just read about Apple announcing the iPad 2.  (Actually, Steve Jobs made the announcement and I was really glad to see that he was healthy enough to be able to do it.  But, that's another topic.) 


      A couple of my friends have iPads, and I've always thought the iPad was really cool.  However, in this economy I've never been able to justify the expense in my mind.  I've got other much more pressing business expenses (like keeping the lights on).


      I mean, I think I use my laptop for all of the stuff an iPad can do. Only, I think I can do business-related  tasks better and faster on my laptop.  The laptop has a full keyboard, a big hard drive and runs Windows, so there are a zillion programs for it.  And, it has the processing power to run Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks and all the other business tools I need.


      Maybe I'm just an old dog, but I just can't imagine being able to type quickly on a glass screen.  So, help me out.  Am I missing something here?  I mean, it looks really cool and all, but do I really need an iPad 2?


      -Barky Dog 

        • Apple just announced the iPad 2.  It looks really cool. But, can it help my business?

          Hey Barky,


          I've struggled with this as well.  I really want an iPad, but when I think about how I would use it, the internet, videos, and games come to mind.  Those aren't exactly business drivers.


          I read an interesting article yesterday about this.  It's called "Using the iPad for Business: 5 Things You Need to Know".  It's a pretty good article, and might be useful to you as well.


          For example, the author says "Before you spend between hundreds on an iPad, determine what you want to be able to do with it. For light tasks, it's perfect. For writing detailed documents or software intensive programs, it makes no sense."


          Hope it helps!


          Live Monkey

          • Re: Apple just announced the iPad 2.  It looks really cool. But, can it help my business?
            wordperfect Scout

            I haven't read the specs or info on Mk 2 yet, but was interested in the Samsung I Tab.

            It became more useful to me when i found it combined phone functions, but still wonder just how much of a useful tool it would be for business.

            The biggest attraction for me with these "toys" is that as my eyesight ages, I find the bigger screens more comfortable for composing Emails and messages, as well as reading news etc on the go.


            But then i ask myself; "Do I really NEED to be in work mode 24/7? Can't i just sit in a train, taxi or coffee shop and enjoy life without having to pull out my watzit?"

            Most of the stuff like drawing and web dsign i do on my wide screen desk top anyway.

            I really only use my notebook for PPT presentations to clients, so if an I pad et al could do that...................!