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      Hello everyone,

      I am new to the community and I am looking forward to having some great discussions with you.


      I do have a question:  I have recently received my Master's in English, and I am looking for a position as an online

      professor.  If anyone can give me any suggestions or pointers, that would be greatly appreciated.



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome, As I have said many times in the past, the BEST suggestion is SCORE

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          Good luck

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            wordperfect Scout

            Hello and welcome.

            I think you may be jumping the gun a wee bit, or getting ahead of yourself perhaps.

            You have a recently earned MA, congratulations, but a Professor is a title generally conferred after years of service and apon reaching the level of PhD at least, if infers experience with wisdom and is generally respected.

            So in so far as being a professor is concered maybe you have to invest a little more time!

            Having said that, it isn't such a quantum leap to  supose that Professor and "on line teaching" don't conjugate.

            Maybe you just want to be an on line teacher?

            I don't know what it is like in USA or even if you are in the US, but where I am such services are a dime a dozen and very competitive, so maybe Luckiest's suggestion is worth following up.

            Failing that do a Google search for agents or such who hire on line teachers, maybe that is a starting point, learn a bit about the biz and then develop your own small studio.

            Another idea, seeing as this is a small biz forum, why focus on on line?

            Have you thought of extending your services to the business community, there may be many immigrants who could use your skills, not just as a teacher, but proof reader, copy writer, I am sure you can take that as a jumping point and get further inspiration.

            Good luck

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              slewis Wayfarer

              Check out Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.