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    Christian clothing company

    semper7 Newbie

      I'm really interested in starting a Christian clothing and accessories business. It would be my husband and myself starting the company we are both in our mid twenties and just bought a new house and a car so we really don't have money of our own to invest. I have done some research as far other Christian clothing companies and stores but I'm not really sure where to begin. I know I would like to have an online business as well as have our clothing sold at stores. The one thing I haven't done is go to college just for the fact that I couldnt decide what to major in. So I'm also wondering if that would make a difference I really don't want to wait four years to start but if I have to I will. Any suggestions on how to start this business or what I should major in that would help this business out?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Welcome to this website. I am a SCORE Counselor and SCORE helps people FREE going in to business.
          Tell us more. Where are you located?? Why a Christian clothing and accessories business??
          How soon will you be starting??Do you and or your husband work NOW?? What kind of work??
          Going to college will have little to do with your success.
          The more you share, the better we can help you succeed.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              HopeFaithLove Wayfarer
              Located in Texas. My sister and I have both been given this dream by spending prayer time with God and reading His Word and listening to His promptings. We have both been doing research in this market and it is an growing market. I actually started a retail candle business last year and decided I didn't like being stuck in one shop. It was very profitable, but not where I wanted to be, I sold off my inventory and contunued to plan. My husband and I both work. I have been in pharmaceutical sales for many years and he is in engineering. He is allowing me to go part-time to get this started.
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              semper7 Newbie

              Well we live in Arizona and we both are currently working full time jobs. My husband works in the car industry and I work as a receptionist. We both are very creative, and love art, design and of course I love fashion. I have a passion for designing clothes I know I don't want to be a receptionist forever! so that is why I would like to get started as soon as I was able to ,but I want to go about it the right way.
              My husband and I are Christian and the market for this is small but has grown in the past few years so I know there is a market for this. I would like to share my beliefs but not in a way that would be pushy towards others and give young people something positive and stylish. There are stores like Berean Christian bookstores and also another company called C28 that I know of that sells clothes that I could someday sell my clothes as well.
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                  HopeFaithLove Wayfarer
                  So what is holding you back? It takes a lot of planning. Most investors want to see that you have experience in that field, so why don't you work in the retail clothing business instead of reception? Also, you have to have 20% down to get a loan and good credit. That industry is growing steadiy and we have a couple of great endorsements by some well known Christian leaders. The hard part is asking for money when you don't have the working capital to utilize while your brand is growing. If you really want to do it, start planning. I am reading (for the 2nd time) a book called "48 Days to the Work You Love". It is an awesome book to help put the wheels in motion.
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                    angel7.11 Newbie
                    What type of clothing do you design?
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                    Ed O'Gee Adventurer
                    Take Luckiest advice and talk to a SCORE counselor in your area. Their services are exactly what you need, from writing a business plan to securing financing.

                    As far as college, education is important but don't let not having a degree stop you from pursuing your dream of owning your own business.
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                      Cyan_MYK Wayfarer
                      Here is an idea. You can have your own online Christian clothing store.

                      You could go to the Web site

                      You can create your own designs, upload it to the site, and then sell products they provide using your design.

                      1. Gives you a FREE online shop to promote your products
                      2. Produces each item when ordered using our unique print-on-demand technology
                      3. Handles all payment transactions including major credit cards
                      4. Ships your products worldwide
                      5. Manages all returns/exchanges
                      6. Offers customer service via toll-free phone and email
                      7. Sends you a monthly check for your earnings on sales!
                      For a fee you can have your own online shop without the cafe press logo.
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                        Score133 Adventurer

                        No matter what type of business you want to get involved in, there are certain steps you must follow if you want to succeed. The first is to create a comprehensive business plan. Simply go to or and download a free format. Creating a business plan in this manner will position you to ask yourselves the right questions.


                        For example, you say you enjoy designing clothing, but is it the type people would buy? What sort of feedback have you received from the people to whom you've shown your designs? Also, you indicate that your financial position is not good. The first thing (in concert with the business plan) to do is get your credit in order. No business can start with nothing...especially a clothing manufacturer! And unfortunately there are no government grants for starting a business.


                        You also say you've done "some research" and "know" that the market is growing. In order to be certain, you'll have to come up with some serious statistics. A good business plan format will guide you all the way in getting this type of information.


                        Good luck!
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                          puzzleman Tracker
                          You stated that you like to design. The other things to think about is production (who's making the physical clothing), warehousing (where do I store the thousands of shirts needed for inventory), advertising (how do people find out about you) among others. Like stated above, get a plan made, have someone at Score take a look and give you some pointers.

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                            HopeFaithLove Wayfarer
                            I would suggest going to your local SBDC. They will help you get started on a business plan. Don't think you need college for that.
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                              vistasad Adventurer
                              Just and off the cuff thought. Why don't you sell popular Christian books, calenders, curios etc. I am not saying a full range of products but just the popular ones. You will get very good terms of credit for that and you will be off the ground and flying very soon. Add on the clothing line.
                              As for your major why don't you do Bible studies which you can do side by side and will obviously tally with your bent of mind. Best.
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                                jimmybelt Adventurer

                                We are a garment manufacturer in China. We can supply you christian clothing good quality. Small quantity at the beginning stage to help your company grow up.
                                Pls email me to know more:
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                                    Arev01 Wayfarer

                                    What are your minimums/ratio (quantity per color, size)? Also, what are your lead times? I am working on my tech packs and specs for my line of contemporary women's wear. Once those are completed I will have my samples made and my grading done and markers made and then I will be ready to sell. I have several contractors I am familiar with in New York, but if I can beat their pricing then I am definitely willing to work with an overseas company. Where in China are you located?