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    Agency Management System Needed

    jwstarks Newbie

      I just started my agency and cant find an agency management system for the life of me. They are all  either cheap and difficult to use or perfect and expensive. Any suggestions?

        • Agency Management System Needed

          There are tons out there, but the best by far, from my own experience and from talking to other agents are:


          1. Aspire by Impowersoft

          2. Hawksoft

          3. AMS360 by Vertafore

          4. Epic by Applied Systems


          You don't buy a system very often so it's better you fork up the money to get a good one.  Cost is a secondary matter because there are many intangible cost savings with the better systems.  Aspire is probably the best all around of the ones I listed and from what I know, pricing is very reasonable.


          Good luck.

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