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    Growing Home Business-Great$$$

    ambitenergy1 Newbie
      Incredible Opportunity

      Become a marketing consultant with Ambit Energy and earn great $$$, on
      a full or part time basis. This is not difficult work and it is a great
      opportunity to put substantial money in your pocket. Consultants with
      Ambit Energy are making as much as $100,000 per month (that’s per
      month, not per year). This is no joke. Now, obviously, only the best
      earners are making this kind of money, but this should show you the
      potential. Some people only do this a couple hours a week and still
      make great money. You will get out of it what you are willing to put

      What is Ambit?
      Ambit is a national energy company that will be supplying natural gas
      to the Illinois market beginning this February. We will be supplying it
      at a cheaper rate and with many benefits to our customers, including
      travel rewards programs just for paying a less expensive gas bill. As
      part of the marketing consultant’s earnings plan, you will earn
      residual income on customers’ monthly gas bills for life. This means
      the work you do today will still be paying off long after your work is
      performed. By living in Illinois, you are in the right place at the
      right time because people are literally moving here to work for Ambit.
      This can be done part time (night or day) and does not require being in
      an office. You will be joining a strong team that will provide you the
      tools and support to make this a success.

      Are you skeptical?
      Your skepticism is natural, but the numbers are real. This is an
      opportunity that hundreds of people in Illinois are already becoming a
      part of everyday, and thriving. Individuals who have already attained
      success in their respective professions but seek financial
      independence. Make sure you take the time to give this a good look and
      you will see the opportunity, and give me a call so I can show you
      more. Go ahead and check out to
      get a better idea of what this is all about and give me a call or send me
      an email, so I can further introduce you to this awesome opportunity.

      Ben WaxAmbit Energy Marketing Consultant
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Very Interesting, Growing Home Business-Great$$$ Good Marketing
          I will look further and research this awesome opportunity.
          Thank you, LUCKIEST
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              ambitenergy1 Newbie

              You have already taken the first step towards expanding your income. After viewing your file I see that you are located in the New York area. This puts you in a great position to maximize your customer base. Let me provide you on the benefits to customers in the New York area:

              Ambit Energy electricity, natural gas and bundled customers save
              approximately 7% off ConEd’s estimated energy supply charge for the
              first two months and enjoy a competitive monthly rate thereafter. Just
              for switching, customers save an additional 1-2% in taxes on the
              delivery charges each and every month. Ambit customers will also
              receive a free travel gift and earn rewards points every month, which
              can be redeemed for other travel packages.

              New York Savings Guarantee. Ambit Energy customers in New York are guaranteed annual savings of at least one percent under what Con Edison would have charged them for service or they will receive a check for the difference

              Go ahead an check out some beneficial videos at regarding Ambit Energy in the New York market, by selecting View Video: New York.

              If you are ready to enroll as a consultant, check out my business website at