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    New Business Name

    Make_Money Wayfarer

      Hey guys. I'm looking to start up an online textbook company and I am having a hard time coming up with a catchy name that will also work well as a domain name. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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          Drachsi Scout

          The name you select will always be personal to you. I guess you will  never get the same name across all social media, web url, blog and  forums. So create a new Brand name, that is unique. An example. The word  infrastructure could be Enfrastructure, still recognisable, but  different. If you have the money, take out a Trade Mark.





 a helpful blog is at Business Support

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            LUCKIEST Guide

            A new business name. Every business starts with a new name.

            If you have a child, you name him or her. Same with a business.

            Sometimes a successful business changes its name as it grows. Children's names do not change.

            If you are smart enough to start a business, you should be smart enough to name it.

            Good luck