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    PA/NJ online business questions



      My brother, Mike, is an online business owner who is LLC'd. He recently made me an offer to work with him. He lives in PA and I live in NJ. We would both be working from home. He wants us to get a health insurance package, which I managed to find an insurance rep. who could service both the NJ/PA regions, thankfully. Trying to gather as much info. to help get this ball rolling. He wants to pay me via checks, but doesn't know if it's easier to write a check from the business llc checks, or if we should hire a payroll company so they can take out the applicable taxes, etc. We don't want this to get too crazy, since we're both living in different state and it will only be just the 2 of us, at this time. I will be working 26-40 hours a week for him. So my questions are:

      1. Pay from business llc checks or hire a payroll company?
      2. Should I get paid weekly or monthly?
      3. Do I need to show proof of my hour's to a certain company/payroll dept., to qualify for health insurance?
      4. Is there a tax break for small businesses, home run/online businesses based in PA?


      Thanks so much for your attention to this matter. Appreciate it.