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    Give CPA a percentage of ownership or pay upfront?


      I am starting an internet business that promotes for restaurants in the area. I spoke with a CPA who is offering to do the work for free up front but take a 5% ownership in the corporation. I am waiting to hear back about his cost if I pay him upfront. Is 5% typical for a CPA? I love the fact that I don't have to take on any costs at the start, but I see my company getting huge, becoming a multi million dollar corporation, in which case, would seem unfair for him to get 5% of the money I will be making. I will have the funding to pay the upfront costs to the CPA regardless of what he asks, but I still would rather take on less cost and risk until I start profiting in a few months. Should I pay upfront regardless so I don't lose any ownership if I know I'll be making him a 6 figure salary down the road? Thank you in advance...