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    HELP ME <3


      Hello everyone please help me! I am a 20 year old girl that is looking to start my own clothing retail store. I know this sounds unrealistic but it has been my dream since 10 years old. My father owns a very successful landscape company and he has offered to finance my clothing store to get me started. I'm looking to sell to young woman and there mom's age age group 16-40. I want every woman to feel like she can rock any outfit when she walks into my store. I want daughters and mothers to be able to shop at the same place! I am very excited, nervous, ambitious, etc. about this idea. I've worked at some clothing stores in the mall and such and i really want some input on how to start this up! My dad expects me to present him with everything on my own. How do i find a manufacturer in china or a place like that, how do i find the perfect location, how do i start this up? PLEASE HELP ME ASAP! I know I didn't go to college blah blah blah but I know i can do this. I need some amazing help thank you!


      -Prettyinpink <3