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    500 Square Feet Never Sounded So Sweet!

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      I'm on the verge of starting a business but don't know which kind.


      You see, I recently moved into a small town that feels like Mayberry.  There's a big old court house in the middle of everything...a townsquare that's full of small businesses...there are NO franchises to speak of (other than banks...which are housed in historic old buildings).


      The great thing about this town is that the people have money (the industry close to here gives these locals an average income of $75k or higher per year), the court house creates foot-traffic Monday through Friday, there are law firms splattered around town like anywhere else...there's also a private catholic high school a half mile away.  Also, at the end of mainstreet, there is a very small but well maintained waterfront area where you can rent kayaks and canoes in the summer.  This little town has a lot of big parties too with big time parades for every holiday and occasion.  Each of these parties and/or parades would be right outside the shop.


      Here's a list of businesses there now:


      1. Mexican restaurant

      2. Used book / Music store

      3. Fancy hair salon

      4. Coffee Shop (w free wifi and big leather couches)

      5. Dry cleaners

      6. Independent clothing shop

      7. Fancy dining (very expensive...this is a date-night restaurant)

      8. Town florist

      9. Natural Food Store

      10. A yarn shop (how the hell do THEY stay in business???)

      11. Pet shop

      12. A small car dealership

      13. A large cafe (never been in there, but it's the only average food choice in town...)


      What I'd like to do is create a business that compliments the area, nothing too off the wall here.


      These are my ideas (and worries beside each)


      1. Sandwhich shop (worried about lisences, costs for everything fridges, microwaves, a few tables, food, marketing, etc)  I think the concept would work GREAT there....we'd get a ton of business...but the start up costs would be a little tough.  Would love to have something similar to Pot Bellies though.


      2. Cupcake Shop (more of the same worries from #1 + making the products, doing it with style....)


      3. Antique Shop (They are a dime a dozen in these neck of the woods...the closest one to this little town is about 5 miles away..)  I think this concept might work though...people come here to dine and shop in a town that doesn't have a whole lot of shopping to begin with.  Would sell art, pottery, antiques, candles, the usual in antiquities.


      4. Chili Dog's - (I come from Michigan, where there is a Coney shop on every corner...Michigan is the birthplace of the coney (seriously, "wikipedia it" if you doubt me...New York is NOT IT!) - Low cost, low over head...think about 8 pack of dogs, some chili and some buns...$4.99 x 8 = 39.92!  Will these snobby people dig the dogs though?...


      I'm thinking the food route is the hardest to do because of the health inspections and regulations you have to follow, plus the start up costs would be higher with decor, cooking gear, refridgeration, etc.


      I'm leaning antiquities...but would love to do food...


      Is there something else I'm missing?


      What kind of business would you start here?