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    curtis hicks Newbie

      I am looking to find the best way to grow my business and get more clients? can someone help me?hello

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          amspcs Ranger
          Obvious answer is to advertise,but I realize that can be prohibitively expensive.
          Next best thing: Develope a referral network. Join local chambers of commerce, they usually have business referral groups you should participate in. Also go to all their mixers and business card exchanges.
          Trade group events are good places to pass out cards. If you specialize in homeowner services, stick biz cards in doors of new homes, go to new home trade shows, etc. In short, buy LOTS of cards and pass them out like crazy. Another idea: you might find business association niches with another professional in your same general area, for example the burglar alarm guy. You can SHARE your prospecting efforts and operate as a team, sell both products together as a package deal and offer a good incentive or superior price or something. These are just ideas that work, this is how I built my business. I despise cold calling, too hot, too old, too fat.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Welcome to this website. Looking to find the best way to grow your business and get more clients.
            Visit SCORE in person or online. SCORE is FREE of charge. You can visit a SCORE office and talk
            to counselors or go online and take a FREE course on Advertising and Promotion.
            SCORE will also help you develop a Business and Marketing Plan (FREE).
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              M&M Services Wayfarer
              The best way to get more clients and bring in capital may getting yourself a Merchant account for your business. If you advertise you take credit cards for your services you will up the chances of a total demographic of clients reaching out to you for your services. As we all do when you want a certain job done on your car or in your home and you know you are going to pay with your credit card when you look in the yellow pages or on-line or at the flyers and business cards you may have received from businesses advertising the way you do, you will by pass many of them because they do not display the Visa - Master Card logo which is how you plan on paying for the services you want done so 9-times-out of ten they have just ruled their companies out by not accepting credit cards. I may not be the best but I have learned it grows your company while bringing in profits.

              If you have any questions about Merchant services please contact my office.

              Marcus Walker
              M&M Merchant Card Services Inc.