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    Co-Founder/Partner Needed

    Christopher Rockwell Newbie

      Hello my name is Chris and I am interested in finding a co-founder for my business. It's called GameLitter. GameLitter is a kiosk game rental company that will provide game

      rentals at a great price. We will be taking the same approach as redbox but will incorporate other options from companies such a Netflix and gamefly. This company will give people a more convenient way of renting their favorite games and save them money at the same time. The ideas I have for pricing are very cost efficient and the great thing about this business is that it will be a franchise opportunity as well.



      Here's a brief description of the pricing strategies that I have in mind. These are subject to change but it gives you an idea as to where I am headed with this.



      It will provide an options

      for unlimited dvd rental for a monthly fee that will range from $15-$25

      depending on the amount of movies the customer wants to have out at a

      time. This will guarantee a certain amount of money that will be made

      per month versus waiting to see if customers will rent any movies that

      month. It will also increase traffic to the kiosk which will increase

      advertising profits due to the kiosks I plan to purchase, which have a

      19 inch HD screen on the top for advertising. I will also provide game

      rentals in the kiosk machines. This will allow customers to be able to

      try out new games versus paying $60 for a game they will beat in 4 days

      and be done with it. I will provide options like $4 for a 3 day rental,

      $6 for a 5 day rental and $8 for a 7 day rental. They will also have

      the option of Day to Day rentals, which will be $1.50 per night. The

      3,5, and 7 day rental prices probably will change in the future. The

      rental market is in the billions of dollars and rising rapidly.



      I'm looking for someone who has great credit, business minded, ambitious, wise, and a good person in general... 



      ~Christopher Rockwell