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    How do I find the right accountant?


      What's the best way to find the right accountant for my business? What matters most: experience? specialization? price?

        • How do I find the right accountant?

          It depends on how complicated your business needs are.  If you need someone to do the books on a part time basis then I would try asking others in small business for a recommendation. 


          If your accounting would be fairly simple, you may want to use QuickBooks Online version, where you can keep records yourself but have an accountant look in on how you are doing.  QuickBooks has certified advisors/experts in pretty much every area of the country, you can find out if there's one near you.  They will help you set it up, make sure you don't go off the tracks, and answer any questions you might have.  They have the added advantage of being local accountants, so if you decide you can't handle it yourself, you can hire them to do it for you.


          No matter how you do it, make sure you take the time to learn enough about accounting to know what you are looking at.  That way you will be able to pick up on any problems and know if your accountant is doing a good job.  Never just rely on someone blindly, it's your business in the end, not theirs.

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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Chris, you find the right accountant the same way you find the right car, the right girl friend or wife.


            You interview the accountant or accountants. You ask for references.


            A good relation with your accountant also helps. As you get to know the accountant and the accountant gets to know you,

            you will find that you are both on the same path.


            This is NOT the time to be looking for an accountant. Now is tax time.

              • How do I find the right accountant?
                KathleenF Scout

                Little confused on why now would not be the appropriate time to find a tax accountant?


                Any further insight, Luckiest?


                  • How do I find the right accountant?

                    I can take that one.  This is not a good time of year to be looking for a new accountant to establish a relationship with only because it is the height of tax season and they are all very busy right now.  The initial question that was being answered was how to find the RIGHT accountant for your business, not how to find a TAX accountant, so it was recommended that this wasn't a good time to find the right accountant for the questioner's business.  You need time to determine if you are compatible with a particular accountant and they are all too busy right now to take that kind of time.  If they are not, then you would wonder why...


                    If you need a tax accountant, then of course this is the time of year you are going to need them.

                      • How do I find the right accountant?

                        I know what you and Luckiest mean, but I do find it funny that CPAs are advertising like crazy these days. I hear radio ads all the time referring to finding CPAs in the yellow pages. ;-)


                        When is the best time to find a better accountant?

                          • How do I find the right accountant?

                            It's not impossible to find an accountant at this time of year, it's just not the best time because the good ones are going to be busy.  You never really explained what you need an accountant to do.  You may just need a good bookkeeper.  I don't really know.  Many small companies use a bookkeeper, sometimes just giving the books to an accountant at tax time or once per quarter for review.


                            Personally, I would never hire a CPA (or a lawyer) from a radio ad.  My method of choice would be a personal recommendation from someone I trust.  Second would be what Luckiest suggested - interviews and strong references that you actually check up on.


                            Frequently, people think they need an accountant when they actually don't.  You may want to contact your local SCORE office and have them advise you on what would be best for your particular situation (it's free).


                            Good Luck!

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                      Allvinjoe Adventurer

                      I think money matters alot.


                      Everybody has experience or specialization but price which is different of every company.


                      I got Business services from NATLUS COMAPNY.


                      I paid  "£600 GBP per year" ONLY.