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    What Merchant Service is the best?

    Carlo Wayfarer

      Between the following major "Merchant Services"


      Google Checkout


      which one is the best? How reliable are those services?


      Share the experiences you made with those merchant service providers or if you know another merchant service you can recommand feel free to share it with us.


      We look forward to get your opions on this topic

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          • What Merchant Service is the best?
            KathleenF Scout

            Hi AMSPCS,


            Unfortunately, I have had to remove your content.  Please do not post contact information within your post.  If you need assistance with your profile and how to link to it, please don't hesitate to ask.



              • What Merchant Service is the best?
                amspcs Ranger

                Dear Kathleen,  I am taking you up on y our offer to ask what the problem is?  My signature info as been exactly the same for each and every one of my posts dating back to October 2007, which encompasses hundreds of posts.

                Can't imagine why all of a sudden it's a problem.  What do you want me to change in my profile?

                  • What Merchant Service is the best?
                    KathleenF Scout

                    Hi amspcs,


                    I appreciate the inquiry. 


                    In September, we posted the following thread advising members of some changes regarding Personal Information.  Personal Info about you & others


                    As you know in December, we upgraded the community and advised we would have better options for the profile.  If you haven't reviewed these new options, I do hope that you take a look around.


                    While we don't have an issue with the posting of your website URL in your signature, we do not allow email addresses to be posted which is what was included in the post I removed this morning.  It is very easy now to link to your profile where you can set privacy preferences on if a user can see your contact information or not. 


                    You could very easily change your signature to look something like this:


                    View my profile for full contact information.


                    This gives the user the option to view your profile and additional information you may have shared.


                    As for your final question, I don't want you to "change" anything.  We are asking that you no longer post your personal information, email address or any other means of a member contacting you in a post.  We are asking that you utilize your profile for all means of contact.  The user is able to see whatever information you deem necessary including and not limited to, how to contact you via email, telephone and website.



                    Hope that answers your questions!


              • What Merchant Service is the best?
                BBruin Wayfarer

                It sounds to me like you are looking for a gateway provider more than a merchant service provider?  I was using google checkout for a while but they took a long time (up to 7 days sometimes) to process orders and get my money to me and then when I called I was constantly confronted with the run around when it came to customer service.  Another small business owner I know told me to check out the flat fee processing blog.  Had tons of informaiton and they set me up with skipjack for a gateway provider to use for the web side of our business.  I'm new here but this is a subject I've researched a lot and know how frustrating it can be.  Good luck!