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    Successful by managing an on-line platform or a blog

    Carlo Wayfarer

      These days everybody can make a living by doing what he/she loves most. You might not make it to one of those featured on CNN or Today’s Show  but you have a good chance to make a good living by doing what you are  passionate about. The internet allows you with numerous FREE marketing  tools and shareware to achieve your dreams. You can use community  platforms like Facebook, MySpace, Friendster to get in touch with peeps and use tools like Twitter, Tumblr, Ping to spread your message out there. All those tools and platforms are out there for FREE and wait for you to get used properly.



      Using those tools will not guarantee your success they will just help you to achieve your goals.



      First  step to become successful in on-line business, you need to evaluate  yourself truly and learn everything you possibly can about your passion.  There is no way around it and you need to be willing to do what it  takes – if you wish to be triumphant. You need to know and find out  everything about your passion to become the best because competition is  huge out there and only the finest will be successful.



      Second  step to take is you need to build yourself a nice home, it doesn’t  matter if it is an informative blog or an instructive website or simply a  community platform, you need to  build your home in a way that it suites and serves your idea best  around your passion. Your home is where you live and where you bring the  peeps you met on the various community parties to hang out while they  showed an interest in you or your passion already. The other peeps you  met, you need to leave them alone, because you don’t go to parties to  pitch everybody or do you want to be the geek. Just leave them alone,  they might come later on by themselves by reading your web address on  your detailed profile you set-up.



      Third  step is you need to work hard, hustle and get involved with like minded  people. There is no secret. You need to engage into conversations in  forums, blogs and in communities where those people are and publish  valuable content around your passion by writing on blogs and/or  uploading videos and/or pod casts and/or pictures for FREE.  Share and give out as much valuable content you can – you will be  rewarded with lot of eyeballs that you can monetize, other people will  pay it back to you by doing business with you.



      This  is how it works out there, but make no mistake, it’s a lot of work and  requires determination and patience to be victorious at the end.



      Now good luck and just do it!