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    Proud military vet and dedicated family man looking for advice for start up!


      Let me start by telling you who I am.  In 1992, the summer after I graduated high school I left for the military.  After 10 years as a military firefighter I was Honorably discharged.  Soon after I went to work for the Department of Defense as a civilian firefighter.  5 years into it, the drive to and from work (165 miles one way) and the hours (sometimes 72 hrs at a time) took a toll on my life.  So I recently decided to go back to school and get my Bachelors degree.  I am now a full time student and a dad of 5.  My wife is a beautiful person who I love with the totality of my soul.  So, now you know a bit about who I am.  Let me tell you why I'm here. 


      I know this kind of post tends to get old for many of you regulars.  However, I'm really motivated to get this biz up and running and need some guidance in doing so.  I am a legit business entity.  I have established Carroll Transportation Systems LLC in the state of Arizona.  I have done over a years worth of research to find the facts I need to know how to make money running a transportation company.  I know what it will cost.  I know what steps must be taken. And I know that I will succeed.  What I don't know is how to get the funding needed to take that first step. I am unable to get conventional financing due to reasons beyond my control(divorce a few years ago ruined my credit).  Where do I go from here?  What are my most logical options?


      I appreciate any advice or guidance any of you may give.  Look back and be thankful, Look ahead and be hopeful, Look up and be blessed.

      Thank You,

      Dustin Carroll


      Carroll Transportation Systems LLC

        • Proud military vet and dedicated family man looking for advice for start up!
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          Hi. Have you tried getting a VA loan. I mostly hear about it for mortgage loans but not exactly sure if they will allow you to get a business loan. If you are planning to get the conventional loan though , there are plenty of lenders who will provide you with the credit challenged loan. However, for those whose credit score is not that stellar, there might be some increase in your payments interest. To try and minimize this, I suggest you try to upgrade your credit score to a passable one and prepare a substantial amount in your bank account to up your chances of getting a loan.