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    Cleaning Inquiry


      I am a new business owner. I am have some ideas on how I wants to offer some of my products and services. One thing that I would like to get an opinion on is : If you were looking for a cleaning service what type of services would you want it to offer and how often do you think you would need a cleaning service? How much money are your willing to pay and would you want to take advantage of "GREEN CLEANING"? (this is using natural products to clean your home or business.)  It would be great if I can get a little feedback, I do appreciate all comments.

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            KathleenF Scout



            I disagree.  I buy 100% green products and clean my home regularly with them.  I also know several resorts in my local area that are 100% green in their housekeeping products and supplies.  If one is dedicated to going green then they will pay whatever is necessary to be green.



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                MindNt Newbie

                Hi Kathleen


                I agree with you, just see from this point of view. We are located in California, and the unemployment is high in this area, so many people laid off from diferent industries started cleaning, painting, landscaping services, sometimes not knowing what they are doing.


                They depress the market and even some customers that has been with me for years, ask for a reduction on the price, or move to less often service. Some of them just ask for cash and they no pay insurace, bond, license, employment taxes, etc. You know what I'm talking about.


                Now i try to go green, but is dificult because as you may know, green products are more expensive than the regular ones, and people some times are not really willing to pay for them.


                Aditional to that we need to at least keep profits in order to survive, so a green option is not really good for me


                Have a great day


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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Cost of going GREEN

              Over the past decade there has been an increasing awareness of the many ways  that businesses affect the ecology of the planet. Most of the attention,  however, has been directed towards activities of organizations in the  manufacturing sector of the economy. Argues that service organizations have  social responsibilities in the preservation of the environment, too. Presents  the importance to a product, such as longevity or specific marketing, of green  practices among services, a framework to describe green activities across the  service sector, and a pragmatic means to implement a green programme for service  organizations.