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    DomainDiva Ranger

      Hi Everyone!


      I have not been around for awhile..getting the 'baby' up and running has been a long hard road. Doing something 'new' is always a challenge.


      My software architect and 'chief code dude' have had to solve some incredible code problems to make sure that the application is stable. We have suffered through cascading failures and my team has stuck it out. No one has been paid since April of 2009. We have a new CEO who is investing money so the code guys can get paid.


      We have designed, developed and are launching a pure internet SaaS service for aircraft maintenance records. All information goes into an online spreadsheet kept in virtual 'boxes'. The spreadsheets are programmed with the business rules for managing aircraft maintenance, hours, cycles, time due, remaining time, time since installed/overhauled/complied with and we even have an engine pro rate disk and management workbook ( as well as a workbook for engines that do nnot have pro rated disks at thrust level) that serves as a forensic for the engine as well as The format is a 'workbook' with tabs for entering various categories of information. However...the formulas do not appear (like in Excel) and code cannot be snapped from the page. We have one formula so unique that we may be able to copyright it.


      If there are any aviation types in the community or someone who owns an aircraft who wants to have a look let me contact info is on my bio. FYI...another community member Iwrite is my advertising guru. He will be handling all of the 'social aspects of our marketing plan' and working with our designer to create even more gorgeous advertising.


      This has been a 10 year dream and a 5 year journey. Never give up on your will find a way to take the ring to Mordor and a Sam to help you do it. My entire team is composed of 'Sams' may all of you find your way to your dream.


      So does anyone have anything to say? Please chime in!!!