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    NEW! Total IT Solution Financing for SMBs

    techtromike Newbie

      are a tech company in Maryland
      that offers financing for small and medium size businesses. Our Total Solution
      IT Financing helps solve business problems.

      The reason it's call total solution financing is because not only does it
      include computer hardware financing, but also software, and related services
      such as installation cost and training cost. So you do not have to spend
      any of your own capital and leverage your funds to other things.

      This is different from companies like Dell and Best Buy because even after you
      get one of there computers on a payment plan, you still have get software
      packages and training sometimes to make the computers useful. Most companies
      are limited in that regard, but because we are tech company, we have the capability
      to offer any computer equipment and software, including every major brand. So,
      if you are in need of purchasing IT In short, it shifts the focus from,
      “How will customers pay for it?” to, “What do customers need?”

      Deal sizes can be as low as 3k and up to 1 million dollars. This is truly a
      perfect solution for SMBs that have tried all avenues and now are looking for alternative
      ways to expand their business, plus our rates are very competitive. We
      currently have a promotion where you can pay only $50 per month for the first
      12 months.

      If you are interested or want to complete an application visit or call me at (301) 362-7350 ask for Mike or Ricardo.
      Qualification takes about 24 hours.