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    Plumbers billing time?

    Bluesuit Adventurer

      I hope this is an acceptable question for the forum - - when does a plumber start billing? I had a plumber come out and he billed me not only for his work time, but also tacked on an extra 30 minutes saying it was his DRIVING TIME! Not wanting to argue I paid him. Is that standard practice in the industry?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Plumbers billing time depends on so many variables. What do you do for a living??
          Where the plumber lives, where you live, how badly you needed the plumber in the first place.
          You, Your car, the size of your swimming pool.
          Did the plumber fix the problem??
          Does it make a difference when a plumber gives you a bill for $250. Plus $50 DRIVING TIME
          or just gives you a bill for $300.??
          What about the THE GAS STATION?? Price per gallon of gas??, The Doctor??, Accountant??
          Lawyer?? The Hotel?? Airlines??
          I can keep going on and all the above can keep raising FEES
          Good Question, LUCKIEST
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Were you a general contractor in this transaction or a private customer? If you were a contractor, it might be accepted practice in your area (but it should have been spelled out in the contract anyway). If you were a private customer, the accepted practice is to give a free estimate or bid for the entire job (that includes the total maximum cost of all time and materials) before any work begins.

            Plumbing companies pay their plumbers (employees) by the hour, and drive time to a work site is included in a plumber's work day (i.e., they are on the clock during the drive) -- but very few plumbing firms bill their customers like that. In my experience, those that do are usually one-man operations, and the reason they do is either because that's how the plumber was paid as an employee (and he doesn't know any better), or he downloaded a software product that handles his work orders and invoicing that way (and presents him with all kinds of additional line items he can include like scrap removal fees, drive time, and transportation costs -- so he includes some or all of them). It's not the norm, and I'd be unlikely to hire a company that worked/billed on that basis.