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    Creating a Business Card


      As long as people have been active in the business world, business cards have been the thing to have if you want cheap advertizing or just looking for a way to give your contact information to clients. Though the style and design has always been somewhat standard. However, there remains a constant debate of what is to be put on the business card. This is an important thing to think about seeing as the standard size for business cards is 2 inches by 3.5 inches. That doesn't make for much room for information.


      One of the most important items is your name. No matter what you are involved in, your name is the first thing people will ask. Your name should appear close to the top of the card, usually slightly larger in size or bold in comparison to the rest of the text. The only thing that should stand out more is the name of your business or tag line, both of which should appear at the top of the card. If you use your tag line on the card, remember, this is how people remember your business, make it interesting and eye- catching.


      After the name of the business or tag line should be the contact information. This will include the bulk of the card information. In this section of the card be sure to include the address they can find your store or the box number for correspondences. You will also need to include your phone number, your email, your fax number and your web address if available. As clients look to employ your services, this will be what they will likely use to contact you for more information.


      In addition to this information many businesses will work to make the card itself eye-catching and attractive. For most this means adding color and the logo to the card. If, you are adding color to the background of the card be sure to make the text readable, even if it means making the text another color. As for the logo, it can either stand by itself at the top corner of the card or as part of the background.


      When working on your business's card, be creative and have fun with it. Look at the business card as if it were as big as a television ad. This will make you take more care in its creation. The personality of the business card sells your services for you when you’re not there so give it personality and watch your business grow!


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