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    Urgent response required on getting money into bank account..


      Hello Everyone, Am new to this site... am currently on H1B visa and i work for a IT company ..  recently i started to train people( IT begginners) on different technologies.Every month i train nearly 20 to 40 people.. here my question is all the people after completing thier training they deposit money into my Bank account check on my name .. as part of thier fess for training .. on an avergare per month i get more than 15K into my account from different  persons. My brotehr is studying in UK ..every month half of the amount i will send to UK  or CANADA to meet his tutuon fees and expenses through different money transfer sources..


      Do i have any limit on money i recieving into my bank account from different persons with in US and is legally allowed to send half of the money every month to outside country?


      Do i need to pay tax on the money i recieve into my account on my name ir online transfers into my bank account ..?



      your reply is greatly appreciated..


      Thanks and regards