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    How do I get financing for my customers?


      I started a small service business two years ago.  I've grown to three employees, but in oreder to grow more I need to find a way for my customers to finance my services.  These typically run for under $200.  I can't afford to finance for my customers. already tried the local banks with no luck.  Any advice?

        • How do I get financing for my customers?

          There are all a couple of options.  1) You can set up with conventional financing, (credit line) but unfortunately they have tight approval parameters these days. I don't know the cost to you or the minimum amount needed.  Most merchants I deal with have a high turndown rate on this type.


          2) I would like for you to consider our service. We do 90 day financing, no credit needed. I'll leave a link for our site where you can research our services,  I know you will find it insightful.  There are no minimums and we go from $1500 - $3000 max depending on the industry. Here is the link.



          I would definitely like to hear more about your business.  Services, monthly sales, product price range, clientele, etc