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    Sports Marketing


      I am having trouble getting sponsors for my football organization, because I am not real sales savvy. I was approached by a marketing team to land sponsorship for our season. They want $1500 a month to do the job.


      Is that something I should do??

      Is that a big risk??

      What's the pros and cons?


      Please help



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          prostarprofit Wayfarer

          I would suggest that you do your research on them. In many cases I see people who are good at selling marketing services but are not good marketers themselves. What I would suggest is to learn marketing yourself a great book to start out is "Dan Kenedy NO B.S Direct Response Marketing" you can pick it up for $12 it also have a bonus CD with it.

          • Sports Marketing
            dominantapproac Wayfarer

            You should find someone who could help you with marketing/sales since this is not your area. you should create partnerships so you can focus in what you are really good at and leave others expertises for others professionals who knows what they are doing. About this group that you found, you should make a search on them about their work. Try to get some testimonials, also try some online marketing. Everybody is making search on the internet and proting business as well. You definitely should have your presence online.