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    Central Banks Say Gold Most Important Reserve Asset In 25 Years


      Through my investing and banking contacts, I have been referred (from a friend in Canada) to a company from Germany that is in the Gold Refining and Dealing business, KB Gold. They are offering a NO COST Franchisee Partnering opportunity that I am bringing to you all. The company has existed for 16 years, but only had a Gold Purchase Plan for 1 year. They have only worked in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but now are  moving slowly into Holland, Croatia and Slovenia.


      The system is extremely powerful. Free franchise/referral concept. NO investment and NO monthly fees. This last week, I have partnered with them to help take KB Gold from the EU nations into the USA. Another partner of mine with KB Gold, Jimmy (from Denmark), will be launching the Scandinavian Countries. Likewise, my good friend, Anne, in Canada will be coordinating a launch in her region. I have two people pre-enrolled here in the States.


      The materials and website are now available in English. The Scandinavian Countries first on the list are Holland, Denmark. Currently, we are working into the UK. I have two Top Leaders who speak English and have been educating me on the business structure and goals over the last few days. They both have access to the CEO of the company. I have the enrollment instructions for US and other English Speaking Countries.


      Obviously, there lies a HUGE opportunity to begin helping to launch the Americas. The Video will explain the scenario to break $3,000 Euros per month with only 30 customers purchasing Gold! We will have an International Gold Card to use as a Global Currency through our company. When the Gold Card is launched, you can be paid in EU, USD or KB Gold.


      I need to find as many Leaders as possible to help educate the public on the importance of investing in Gold. The Videos they have spent time developing for the English speaking countries is an Excellent and easy way to learn and share with everyone. Currently, Gold is at an all-time high, and still has a lot more room to grow. Most everyone will see the obvious reasons for at least Purchasing Gold from your Franchise.


      As you will see in THIS VIDEO, the opportunity is now to Protect your future by stock-piling REAL Gold from Switzerland.


      To receive a Pre-Enrollment link into our Team, please enter your information and view the 23min Video. I will be in touch shortly afterwards by email (or phone) to explain and answer questions for you and/or your associates.




      SEE VIDEO and Start HERE



      KB Gold is launching throughout all of Europe in 2010 and on the move to also service countries outside the EU.See pictures of The Mines, The Refinery, The Mint and more:




      You are invited to visit our own online video system with short info video.

      5 Steps to understand what KB is and what KB is not:



      I will be in touch shortly after you watch the video.



      Wally Pieper

      623 695 4654