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    How Small Businesses Can Save 75% on Operational Costs

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      If I offered you gasoline at $1.00/gallon, would you pass it up?


      As business leaders we are all engaged in the never-ending search for ways to eke out a little bit more productivity from the limited resources available to us. How do we maximize our revenue and minimize our expenses? How do we grow our teams while remaining profitable?  Let me tell you how other businesses are reaching their targets and, at the same time, saving 75% on total costs.


      Hire Virtual Teams


      Many companies thrive in their industries because they outsource non-core jobs offshore. Think about it this way, by hiring people from the Philippines, for example, to do the job that would be unaffordable if you had to pay American salaries for it, you now have the capability to save 50% to 75% on your operational costs.


      Take graphic work, for instance. Hiring someone in the U.S. to create your logos, banners and marketing materials will probably cost you about $45,000 to $55,000/annually, depending on skills. But if you hire a virtual graphic designer from the Philippines, you will most likely only spend about $20,000, which maximizes your budget. This is why many organizations have opted to outsource their customer and technical support, administrative work and accounting, as well as web design, web content development, and SEM/SEO.


      Anticipate Big Returns


      Big savings = more funds. Many of my clients who hired virtual teams now have budget to spend on their big-picture goals. They’re now able to spend more on their marketing and advertising efforts, website development, technology acquisitions, and even launch new product lines. They found this capability beneficial because (1) it is an important part of being cost-competitive, and (2) it is the way of the future with proven benefits.


      So think about it—if you’re competition is saving money in ways that you’re not, then over a period time, your business can be at risk.




      If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or private message. I'm here to help.


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