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      Hello...i am going to start new business but i have no any ide ...please can anyone give me advice.

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             Good  time to read this type of post...People might find it odd but working from home was once looked down upon  and will be looked up from now as the business of modern age. There are  a variety of services that are taken by these freelancers and companies  seem to more than willingly offer these services to the home based  small business owners.Organizing Successful Home Based Businesses inCompanies tend to save time, money, cost and effort by outsourcing....




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            If you have the desire to start a business you should do that one thing which you are most excited about. You need to find that missing part of you or that thing that helps you feel there is a reason for your existence on this planet.  Then find some way to have people pay you to do it. Only then should you start a business. 


            Whether you love to draw, dream of attending parties all the time, need to exercise constantly, or simply want to be alone sitting quietly, each have been turned into a thriving businesses; Graphic Artists, Party Planners, Personal Trainers, an even Mediation Consultants all make money when their owners have a passion for their businesses. 


            The key is to be madly in love with what you do because it will elevate you during the good times and carry you during the inevitable bad times in business. By the way, the thing that makes me spring out of bed each morning is assisting and counseling entrepreneurs and helping them raise the capital they need to create and become larger more relevant businesses.



            Michael "Q" Quatrini

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              KathleenF Scout

              No idea on what type of business?  Have you any special training?  Hobbies you could maximize on?



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                You have no idea how to start a business based upon an idea that you have or you don’t know what business you should start?


                If you don’t know the steps, I have a Startup Steps page on my site to help you.


                If you don’t know what is the right business for you, check out my Introspection page. It is ideal for you to create a business by combining your strengths, your experience, and your passions in a model that can help you achieve your personal, professional and financial goals. Once you define an idea, you need to follow up with research to get to know your market and the opportunity that exists and planning to establish goals and focus for your actions to achieve them.


                Please let me know if you have any questions after reviewing the linked pages above.


                I hope this helps.



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