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    An insider's view on advertising and small businesses

    Iwrite Pioneer
      *Advertising: the act or practice
      of calling public attention to one's product, service, need, etc., esp.
      by paid announcements in newspapers and magazines, over radio or
      television, on billboards, on the internet, etc.*

      I have been reading and participating in various post on this forum about advertising, some helpful, others not so. I'm not going to lie, when I first came across this forum, I thought I had discovered the "promised land" for my budding advertising agency. If I was ever so careful, I could nurture and grow relationships that would help my agency (notice, I didn't call it a business) into what I have always dreamed it could be. Then reality set in.

      As I read the post here, I realized that the problems I am seeing in larger clients are multiplied here among smaller business:
      • Not including marketing and advertising as a part of the business \\ plan/success - there are too many post on this site where folks have opened a business, \\ and now need/want help marketing their business?
      • People don't understand the importance of advertising to the success of their business
      • People thinking that knowing how to work a program means you can create advertising
      • Believing that a presence on the internet alone is going to make or break a business
      • People believing that the only motivator for purchasing is price - removing most, if not all emotion from the buying experience
      I could go on with the list but I'll stop here.

      Very quickly, my focus changed. I opened my agency because the "agency" world was becoming more of a "business" climate. We are losing our passion for doing what is right, for help, really helping, clients grow their business. It has become all about the dollars. Advertising people are forgetting about quality and focusing on pricing. I am saddened by what I see. It wasn't about getting rich off of the people here, it was and is about making a difference - doing work that has an impact.


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          An insider's view on advertising and small businesses is great Marketing and Advertising.
          Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan?? How are things in Grand Praine??
          It is also about making a difference - doing work that has an impact and giving back to the community. I am retired and like you said, making a difference and giving back to the community.
          I am a SCORE Counselor and Treasurer on a "not for profit".


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              Iwrite Pioneer
              I do have a business plan. My plan calls for me to build up the war chest, build a good website and then start actively marketing my services. Time is not my friend but I need to do this right the first time. It is a great time to be in Grand Prairie, the new stadium is changing everything, not always for the good. Country Kitchen closed!! The best pancakes in Arlington are gone!!

              I accidentally submitted the previous post.

              I was thinking about deleting it because it was taking too long to get to my point that it seems most small business folks aren't really thinking things through, even though they have a business plan. Instead of hitting the cancel button I hit the post button.There was so much that I wanted to address that I was faltering on whether to post or not - advice on how to work with creatives, what to look for in an agency, the importance of not cheaping out when it comes to ALL your marketing, how image does matter, and etc. The list was just too long.

              I have shared some of the posts here with my clients and co-workers, and everyone feels that despite what people say, they really don't get it when it comes to advertising. And that is a dangerous way to conduct business. Advertising is not a luxury for a small business, it is a necessity.
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              AppleGraphics Adventurer

              I have to say you are correct, the average small business plans too late on having to produce and budget for advertising when they really are the ones who need it the most. Even coming from a design background including advertising I find myself at least partially guilty of the same mistakes. My issues comes from not acting soon enough in the advertising market. Planning and budgeting for marketing are things which I usually take into account during a business venture where I always seem to lack is executing the marketing before or shortly after opening up shop.

              Thank you for your insight and knowledge.
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                  ModernGorilla Wayfarer

                  I think we're in the same boat- I've wanted to articulate these same thoughts (in detail) but the picture was simply too big to paint, nor was there a clear beginning or end to it all. My largest gripe with the small biz advertising world (as it exists today) is that the choices are largely limited to placing your ads next to your competition (adwords, phone book, etc). There are some genuine opportunities to get boatloads of exposure (nearly free!) and create a great public persona but it seems like few are willing to make the leap.

                  And like you, I'm passed the point of "let's make money at this" and have moved onto "how can we provide a service that has our client's best interests at heart?" Like the answer to one of those high-school counseling questions, I would do this for free (and have). The hard part is taking a passion and making a living from it without clouding your vision.