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    Tips for Tax Season


      As a small business owner, I know that tax time can be a very hectic and stressful time of year. I'm looking for ideas and advice to make tax time easier for all of us. For starters, I recently plugged in a 2011 tax calendar to stay on top of all important deadlines.


      What other tips, tricks or tools do you use to relieve the anxiety of tax season?


      I'm looking forward to this discussion!

        • Tips for Tax Season
          KathleenF Scout

          Which software do you use to keep up on daily, weekly, monthly expenditures?


          Any recommendations?


            • Tips for Tax Season

              For my personal finances, I use Bank Of America.


              My company has begun using It's a web-based solution that imports all your bank data and automatically categorizes your expenditures, keeping you on top of you expenditures in realtime. They are how I found that handy tax calendar.


              I also like, a great tool to digitize and organize all your receipts that you have been keeping in your shoe box for your accountant. :-) What do you use?

            • Re: Tips for Tax Season
              LUCKIEST Guide

              Quickbooks is a great tool.

              Do your taxes early, put them away for two weeks and then review them again.

              There are many accountants who specialize in helping small business owners.

              Unless you are an accountant this should NOT be a stressful time of the year.