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    Edit Preferences

    KathleenF Scout

      Do you want to receive emails when a reply is posted to your threads, change your time zone or want to view the community in a "flat" style?  Below are the options that are available to you.


      General Preferences Setup:

      1. Click on YOUR PROFILE in the top navigation of the community.
      2. Click EDIT PREFERENCES in the right navigation.  Now you should see "your preferences" area.
      3. The first tab gives you general preferences:
        • Discussion View Style:  flat or threaded
        • Comment View Style:  flat or threaded
        • Quick Tagging Mode:  checkbox to choose if you tag your content frequently which will make the text field open by default.
        • Language:  English
        • Locale:  Several Options (Default is set to United States)
        • Time Zone:  chose the time zone you live in.
      4. Once you have set all the above options, click SAVE.


      Email Notification Preferences:


      Want to receive an email every time a reply is posted to a thread?  Or maybe you just want to track what topics you create.  To change any of the following optionsclick on the email notification preferences tab.  The preferences are a simple yes or no answer to the following questions:



      Remember after making any changes to the above answers that you click SAVE.


      Let me know if you have any questions regarding your general or email preferences.