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    Looking for some BETA testers to test a new service for Small Business Owners

    mpoweringu Wayfarer
      I have mentioned this new service web site dedicated to small business owners in a post here before. I have also been asked to be one of the first BETA testers of their online community. Without sounding too much like an advertisement, they have asked me if I knew of a good web site to recruit some BETA testers for the service. The first place I thought of? Here of course!

      Now some of you know me (meaning you have read my posts, story, or comments and know that I am just a regular small business owner like many of you, so you know I would not typically place an "advertisement" here, but take this more as a recruitment request. I have recently bought into this busines and hope it will be something useful to my fellow small business owners.

      If you are interesting in checking out this new service site, please go to and sign-up for a free account. Then you can click on the "Give Advice" link and post your education/informative article ("advice") for other small business owners. You'll notice that I'm the only one who has currently posted to this site, so the more, the merrier!

      Use the "Send Feedback" link at the bottom of the site to send feedback about the site.

      Thanks all!