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    Looking for a high quality low cost offshore phone room


      I'm interested in using an offshore phone room. Of course I'm looking to get the best bang for my buck. Any with experience doing this please respond. With as much info. As possible.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Phone Rooms - Why Panama?


          You may want to expand your business further through  the use of phone rooms.  Phone rooms provide telephone-based marketing  services.  Panama is one of the best locations for starting such an endeavor.   The profit can be greater if you try setting this up in Panama.  See how easy  and rewarding it is to set up a phone room in Panama.


          Taxation and Laws  in Panama


          Panama has great deals for businessmen when it comes to  taxation – specifically on capital gains tax and income tax.  There’s none of  the former while the latter presents no problem.  Income tax is not charged for  profits and income that were not made in Panama.  You will also be pleasantly  surprised that this favorable tax deal also applies to a business which holds  offices in Panama, keeps corporate accounts in Panama and has a business license  in Panama.

          • Looking for a high quality low cost offshore phone room
            Bridge Navigator

            Why offshore?  There are many good U.S. based companies.


            You refer to "high quality" but are looking for the lowest cost.  These two things usually work in opposite directions.  I would suggest that you first define exactly what you are looking for the phone ceneter to do for you.  Low cost might be suitable but, depending on the service provided, you may be better off with a higher quality service.


            How are you going to measure ROI for this project?  That might help in analyzing what type of call center is best.