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    New Business - Selling Outdoors Gear


      A few things first:


      1. I have a Business Plan

      2. I know where to get products (primarily dropship)

      3. I already have a website. (In fact after a few finishing touches and a small $ boost I will be ready to launch a series of sites and blogs)

      4. I'm on top of SEO and SEM. Again, I'm in need for a reasonable $$ boost to launch my advertising campaigns.



      I have a background in e-commerce and marketing. I know what I am doing and know what needs to be done, but I'm advancing very slowly. Reason being I am employed full time and can not allocate much time to this business.

      I'm looking for a relatively small investment (around $40K) This will allow me to launch all my sites and pay for my advertising campaigns. This investment will also "buy" me time to work on this business full time and hire help.


      Having said all of this I'm looking for an advice on how to locate and approach an investor or perhaps an investing partner.


      Thank you for your help!


      Artiom Kalina



      PS: I apologize if I'm posting this again - I can not find my first post)

        • New Business - Selling Outdoors Gear
          SBC Team Guide

          Hi artiom,


          FYI- Your earlier post may have been removed if you were directly asking for funding in your message.  We don't allow direct requests for funding or direct offers of funding in this community.


          However, your post above looking for advice on how to locate and approach an investor is perfectly acceptable.  It is a great example of a way to tap the experience of this community when looking to fund your business.




          SBOC Team