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    Great Free Marketing Tool




      I know that we all like the word "free" when it comes to just about everything...specially if it has value.

      So on that note, I wanted to share a great tool, that a lot of businesses are not using to get their word out.

      It is called Google Place Pages.

      You know, when you are in Google and type in a search word, say - restaurants- and suddenly you get within the search, a map with red markings noting: A, B,C,D, etc.? Well, those are businesses who have registered their location with Google Place Pages.

      So, now you can be (if you sign up correctly and take full advantage of this service) one of the first businesses that "pop-up" when someone searches for your category.

      What Google is doing, as far as I understand, is replacing the yellow pages with this tool...

      I certainly know, that I do not use the yellow pages anymore...

      Have not for the last 3 or so years....what do they look like anyway?

      I think that a lot of people feel the same way.


      Check out the link below, and see how you can benefit from this cool tool.