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    Liquidating Stock

    Calligrapher Newbie
      I am closing a stationery business and opening a calligraphy business. I have quite a bit of paper stock, as well as some gift boxes for which I would like to find a buyer. I have tried selling them on Ebay with no success. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to sell these items, or do you know someone who might be interested in these items?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Welcome. Sorry to hear that you are closing your stationery business.
          Tell us more. Where are you located. Do you have an inventory of paper stock and prices??
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            NatOnline Tracker
            Welcome on board,

            You can try selling it on Craig's List, it's free.

            Good Luck
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              Calligrapher Newbie
              I am closing my stationery business due to health issues. I needed to simplify things a bit. I am a very talented calligraphy artist and calligraphy is my first passion. You can view my work at I've decided to concentrate solely on it and concierge assembly and mailing services. I believe I will be able to provide my calligraphy customers with better service since I have no other distractions.

              I have the following stock items to sell.

              A large supply of decorative papers (textured, metallic, transparent and colored papers) that I used to produce wedding invitations. Many of the packages have never been opened. I've estimated the total value of the paper at $1500, but because I need to liquidate the stock, I am willing to let the entire supply go for $200.

              150 gold metallic gift/jewelry boxes with cotton inserts, brand new--still in the case, for which I am asking $35. The value is $81.

              150 aqua 6X6" square gift boxes, brand new--still in the case, for which I am asking $75. The value is $300.

              If anyone is interested, I would be delighted for you to come and look at them, or I would be happy to email pictures. All items can be shipped.

              I also have 3 large boxes of shredded paper (aqua and blue) that I am willing to give away for free if someone is willing to come pick them up or pay for shipping.