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    I would like some advice in starting a business!


      Hello Everyone! I would like some advice in starting a business in America. I live in the Netherlands but am planning to move to America to start this business. Sometime in February or March 2011.


      The business that I want to start is an online store that is located in America, preferably in New York or Los Angeles. The intention is that the online store sell its own brand (sports/ lifestyle clothing line) alongside the famous brands. I already have a brand name in mind for the clothing line and online store.


      I also have created some designs for the brand and clothing line. And I saved some money to start up the business.


      Can anyone give me advice on the following.


      - Is it useful to have an American business partner or a invester?
      - What are the visa options? There are so many.
      - And in terms of cities New York and Los Angeles.
          - What is the cheapest city to establish a company? (Paperwork (registration, building ect.)


      Thanks for your time and attention.

        • I would like some advice in starting a business
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          Hi Amsterdam86,


          Wow, that is a very unique question!


          Though I don't know a lot about this subject, I can direct you to a resource that may help you.  There is a "Netherlands-America Foundation" (link here) that provides resources for your situation. 


          According to their website, "The NAF chapters in Boston, Chicago, Northern California, Washington DC, and Northern California have established Business Exchanges that create networking opportunities for their respective communities of Dutch American business professionals."


          Could be a good place for you to start.


          Good luck!



          • I would like some advice in starting a business!

            Amsterdam86, you stated: "What is the cheapest city to establish a company?".


            Instead find out what city has the highest success ratio of running a clothing line store?


            EG: NY may have a larger population than LA... and by common sense you'd say: NY it is!


            But is it? Did you know LA has richer crowds, so does that mean they'd more likely buy your clothing line than people in NY?


            It's your job to find out EVERYTHING you can in regards to sales figures and other clothing businesses in both NY and LA. And make a decision based on that.


            Otherwise you'd walk into a city that may be cheaper... but has little interest in your clothing line. Meaning in long term... you'd actually loose out on sales, even though initially "cheaper city" was the logical decision.

            • Re: I would like some advice in starting a business!

              my advice would be to find someone you trust to handle the accounting aspect of your business. Another tip would be if your business is online then  finding a qualified seo services company to handle your traffic and build quality traffic using specfic online vehicles