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    what online marketing campaigns works the most effective.


      some take your money with no results?

        • what online marketing campaigns works the most effective.
          Drachsi Scout

          Marketing, is it push or shove? With so much information pushed by millions of companies, very hard to quantify. You can measure the results if the marketing is done from your website, twitter, facebook Blog etc. If you are producing a product, there is the affiliate route and you could also create your very own business Directory and exchange links with suitable companies.


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          • what online marketing campaigns works the most effective.
            cartess3 Wayfarer

            Most any type of online marketing campaign can work... provided you're marketing to the right people, with the right message and more importantly, the website you're routing them to MUST convert. You can throw $50,000.00 at Google Adwords or rank in the #1 spots with Google, Yahoo and MSN for all of your keywords. But if your website drops the ball, then obviously any kind of online marketing campaign you throw at it will be IN-effective.


            There's a lot more to making money online than simply throwing up a website. You must have a clear plan with goals and objectives in mind.


            For example... when a person lands on your website, what do you want them to do (other than just buy)... What type of action do you want them to take?


            Is all of the content on that website geared towards directing them towards the specific action you want them to take?


            In short... I've never seen an online marketing campaign fail... It was the website or business owner that failed.


            Cartess Ross


            • what online marketing campaigns works the most effective.

              SEO marketing campaigns are the only way to get results on the web by the very nature of search engine methodology.  You need a clear cut plan of how your campaign would play out.  What are your adwords, how is your site tagged and categorized, what did they offer for the money?


              We have multiple plans for people, based on their budget, but we are honest with how long each will take.  A huge marketing blitz costs thousands in the first month, slow and steady produces smaller results that grow over time.  It really depends on what you are looking for.  You also need to keep up with web trends


              For example, we brought on a video guy because all signs point to video marketing being the next big thing.  People are moving to web-mercials over reading eZines, for example.


              What exactly did people offer you when they took your money?