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    Retail Dealers Licence

    micketi Wayfarer

      Hi am new on this site,i live in Texas am Employed but i also buy and sell Cars as a side business,Ofcourse there is a Limit

      of how many Cars i can Sell Per Year.My Question is there anyone out there who can advice on how to get  Retail

      Car dealers licence without having a Lot.Any assistance would be highly Appreciated.

        • Re: Retail Dealers Licence
          Barky Dog Tracker

          Hi kanuss,


          I think you will need to receive an Independent (GDN) License from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (link here). With an Independent Motor Vehicle License, you can buy, sell, or exchange any type of used cars and trucks. You can use dealer's temporary tags, buyer's temporary tags, and metal dealer license plates on motor vehicles only. You must also provide a bond.


          It looks like some of the cost and fees are:

          • The fee for any new Independent (GDN) License is $700.00. This fee is not prorated.
          • The fee for each metal dealer license plate is $90.60.
          • An original $25,000 bond.


          You can find more of the application forms you will need at this TxDMV link.


          Hope this helps!


          - Barky