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    How to connect with other businesses - B2B Sales


      I own an event rental & advertising rental company in Tampa Bay, Florida. I'm looking to get in contact with other local businesses to see if I can get my products rented out [Currenty, I rent Moonwalks & Bounce Houses to residental consumers, but I also now own advertising inflatables such as balloons, air dancers, etc].


      As a business owner, I figured it would be best to find out from others how you are getting your advertising needs.





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          BBMarketing Newbie

          I would look into talking to schools even colleges, many of the campus clubs always look for creative ways to attract people. Same goes with not for profit companies, many are actually run by local business owners in there spare time. Also, work with other businesses like tent rental companies,  they will know who is doing what and when. Good Luck

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            Do you have a website presence?  The first thing I would do if I needed something like what you're offering is go to Google and type in "inflatable" plus my location.  Then when I get the results list, I'd peruse it for someone with a website that includes pricing, how to rent, how it's delivered/picked up, pictures of all available rentals, etc.  Maybe even a way to contact via the web.  If it's only a placeholder website with an 800 number, I'll move on to the next one in the list.


            Also, do you ask your current customers how they found you?  That would give you a good picture of where to focus as well...


            Good luck!

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              LUCKIEST Guide

              This might sound old fashioned , however to get in contact with other local business I have two suggestions.

              One is to support a local cause or charity

              Two is to support a local team like little league baseball.

              Both of the above suggestions will get your business and your name known to your community


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                dominantapproac Wayfarer

                the best way to meet businees owners to make business with them is actually going to business networking events. There you can meet a bunch of people with different needs. also if they don't need your services/products right away they might need someday and then they will think of you, also they will give you referral if they know someone who might need your services/products. But do not forget to hand out your business card to people on those events.


                Good Luck

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                  don Wayfarer

                  My advertising firm would be happy to get your name out, and we will not charge you an arm and a leg to do it....$295 for 52 weeks (1year) of exposure.....and that's nationwide if you so desire......changes and updates can be made free of charge any time you desire....and we provide upon of charge monthly reports about your ad. You are not trapped into a contract; if you are not satisfied with our services you may cancel at any time.


                  For more information call or email me.





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                    EVA7777 Adventurer

                    Have you tried partnering with other businesses that provide services to your target clients? For example, if you want to get more corporate clients then I would start with the Event Planner companies in your area. If you enter a partnership referral agreement then you would refer clients to the Event Planner and they would refer clients to you. I would also get in touch with some of the advertising agencies in the area that cater to businesses and larger corporations. If you become a preferred vendor then these partnerships can bring in a much larger clientele. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!