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    Winter break jumpstart on a new e-boutique

    wazgud Newbie

      Hello all,

      This shall be my first post so let's jump right in:

      I'm hoping to use this break to get started on an online women's apparel boutique.

      I'd like to take advantage of my last semester in a college environment for optimal marketing, so I'm eager to have something prepared to show by March.

      I understand this is a late start, but I was hoping for some advice as to what would be the best steps to take and if you believe these are realistic goals.


      Currently all I've got is a name, a solid understanding of my target market, and a list of local wholesalers to contact next week. I'm not expecting to find the exact clothes I want from this's been hard finding suppliers for modest apparel (which, ironically, is also one of the reasons for pursuing this market).


      I haven't yet registered my name or applied for a business liscense in NJ -- are they both needed? I intend to sell through Facebook and an ecommerce network (not eBay).


      So basically, what should I focus on first to get my e-boutique running within a month or two? If you've got any advice on marketing or sourcing, that would be great too!