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    tamilrascal Wayfarer

      Okay...I guess I violated some rule in my previous post, so let me rephrase my question.  For those of you out there with small businesses and a limited budget, how did you go about developing a website for your business?  I'm interested to hear about your experience with online "website design" vendors, and how much I can expect to spend, especially if I expect continued tech support...thank you!

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          Drachsi Scout

          Usually what happens is that somebody you know builds websites or they know somebody. A better way is to ask at your local Chamber of Commerce or look in Forums for companies which offer help and advice to other users. Nowadays it almost does not matter where companies are located, but some off shore resources do have a poor understand of local culture.



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            I believe that there are several options to getting a site. Obviously, for most small biz owners, price is an issue. Outside of having a family member or kid down the street build your site, here are some other options:


            1. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solutions, where you buy usually hosting and then get access to a web building software. (Cheapest)

            2. DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) providers that usually will build a site for the several hundred to low thousandra of dollars (Mid)

            3. Professional organizations, that can usually provide completely custom sites for thousands to tens of thousands or more. (Highest)


            If you're looking at option 1, there are also newer options as well to build a site. is a great in my opinion. It's been know to be a blogging software, but WordPress has really grown into a much more powerful web building / content management solution.

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              tamilrascal Wayfarer

              Hi, Sunsax and Drachsi...


              Thank you very much for your replies!  I've gone with a DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) option, and have really good results - it cost me $750, but the result is a very professional website, with excellent support for future changes.



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                Patrick Wayfarer

                I wholeheartedly agree with Sunsax. I think WordPress is an excellent solution whether you build it yourself or have a developer build it for you. WordPress is very good with SEO, has an easy backend interface, has a vast array of free themes (and some very good commercial themes), and has some impressive extended functionality through a large set of plugins. The WordPress support and developer community is large and very active.


                If you build your own WordPress website, this is an average breakdown of costs:


                - 10$/year for domain registration

                - $10/month for web hosting service (can be double or triple if your site has high traffic)

                - $30-$100 one-time cost for a good commercial theme (this can jump-start your design and development and is often worth the cost)


       has a list of web host providers which have WordPress install scripts:

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                  Frogworld Newbie

                  It's always best to try a local company with experience. ecommece site can be a bite tricky if you have never done it before. They can be done for less then $500 for profesional.

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                    edmadojr Newbie

                    You can go to a website to develope your site. I beleive its $15 or more for how many years.

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                      tamilrascal Wayfarer

                      Hi, folks...thanks for the replies and advice. I went the DIFM path initially, but then discovered it is quite easy to design a webpage on Word 2010, and then just upload it to a website hosting company ( I went with godaddy). You do need a moderate amount of HTML programming know-how to make this work well, which I thankfully do have. If not, I highly recommend the DIFM method - I went with a company called Big Cloud Media, who did it for $750. The only reason I then went out and did my own was because further changes to the website would continue to accrue cost, and I'm working with personal funds!

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                        BlurbLive Newbie

                        Hi there


                        I have absolutely no experience in building websites but recently attempted to put one together for a mate. He got the domain name and hosting and I got stuck in. I used only free stuff found on the web and finished with a good looking site. I used Joomla because it was free and very easy to install and use. Joomla, along with many other free engines have hundreds of addon's, and most of them are free also. My mates website that I built can be seen at


                        I thought I would share that with everyone because at the end of the day your web presence should'nt cost you an arm and a leg.


                        Please feel free to comment on my first ever website construction/project.


                        All up, excluding the domain name and hosting, it cost him $250.00 for my time (7 days), which I have plenty of as I am a disabled person (work related injury). I hope to try my hand at building a few more if I can talk my other mates into getting websites for themselves/their businesses.


                        Must say that $250 is a lifesaver for me at present. Cost of food and petrol etc sky rocketing. Weekly benefit is $270 and that don't go far.


                        Cheers all