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    Proof of Concept PWC

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      I have been developing a new Jet ski concept. The prototypes have been
      evolving for over 5 years. When the publicly disclosed (proof of
      concept) prototype was unveiled, it received international media
      attention. It was a real media darling! ie. International Cable Shows,
      several magazines and webzines featured it. There were inherent problems
      (in my view) with the original design, so I subsequently decided to
      redesign it from the ground-up. There are currently investors interested
      in taking it into production, pending reduction to practice (new
      concept). The concept for this next prototype is at the fabrication
      stage. Specifically, I'm working with a CNC machinist to precisely cut
      the foam to reflect my 3D model. After which the 'plug' will be detailed
      and separated for the Carbon Fiber/Composite lamination process.

      There are several radically new concepts on this, (never before seen) in
      the PWC industry. So many of the original prototype concepts were
      adhered to, and new improvements were introduced.
      I am looking for a partner to take this to the next level. Currently,
      there are no others involved with the direct development of this new
      Write me if you are interested, we can discuss further.<!-- START CLTAGS -->
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          Have you thought about posting your business on Your request is what they specialize in.


          Be clear about why you are looking for a partner versus an investor(s).


          If you are simply looking to secure financing, I recommend you check out Business Money Today.


          Best of luck!



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