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    Securing Payment for Pet Grooming Van

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      I'm an international student in the U.S. Basically, I want to start a pet grooming business back home in the Middle East. I have found a couple of vans I like online from manufacturers specialized in van conversions. The problem is that these manufacturers are not located anywhere close to me, meaning that there will be no face-to-face transactions. Obviously, no matter how legitimate they appear to be, I fear fraud/scam especially since most require a deposit in order to start building the van. So my questions are: How do I avoid financial fraud? How do I make sure I will get my van in the end? Do banks offer services that facilitate such transactions and make sure all-goes-well ( i.e. conditional payments, promissory notes, letters of credit)?
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          First, you obviously need to make sure that the company that is modifying the van does business in your region.


          Second, I would ask for referrals to customers so you can get a sense of how satisfied they are with the company's services and quality. See if they have customers in your area that you can visit to review their work.


          Third, do they have a presence online that you can search to review any ratings they may have from associations, third party sources and from customers?


          I would be surprised if they didn't ask for a deposit before performing the work required.


          I hope this helps.


          Best of luck!




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