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    I need a Clothing Manufacturer Los Angeles


      Im looking to start a small business i dont need to many items im looking for a Clothing Manufacturer im in the USA in Los Angeles i know there are alot out of the country but i fill like i need to view & give more details of what i want in person so if there is any local please let know thanks !
        • I need a Clothing Manufacturer Los Angeles
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Tell us more. do you have a business plan??

          • I need a Clothing Manufacturer Los Angeles
            singsai Wayfarer

            Dear Queen,


            My oppinion is running a small business but need local manufacturer, you will have not much profit as local manufacturer in LA means material cost and labour cost high and lead to production cost high.


            Three of my clients who in Canada and UK doing clothing business with me realize above, then they look for supplier in China,  becaue production cost made in China is much cheaper but still have the high end quality they wanted. From the ex-factory price and retail price I think they have at least 40-50% markup.


            If you need any help on clothing manufactruing, please PM me and I would be happy to help you out as we specialize on manufacturing sweater ( machine knit and hand crochet, cut & sewn knit and woven clothing ).  I'm sure you will have no problem on production supply then you will have more time to spend on marketing that is improtant for a small business.


            Best regards


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